Note to the voters

It has become unnecessarily difficult to operate a business or even raise a family because the government is too much a part of our lives.

I am more optimistic about Florida, and I want to do everything I can to make our state and our region the most desirable location for doing business and building a future.

The fact that no other candidate has experience running a small business solidified my decision to enter the race.  I feel it is necessary for the leaders of our community to understand the responsibility a business owner gains from signing paychecks, hiring and firing employees, and coping with increased government regulations.

I’ve been working in my family’s water business since I was 14.  I’ve done everything from drilling wells to driving a bottled water delivery truck and then serving as a part of the management team.

I believe that the experience I have gained from signing a paycheck, dealing with hiring and firing employees, and dealing with both federal and state regulation makes me uniquely qualified to serve as your state representative.

I understand what taxes or a 60% increase in health insurance costs do to a small business and to their employees.  I’ve dealt with insurance companies and government agencies such as DOT, Water Management, DEP, and DOH, which often make everyday life difficult.

It is our government that is causing families to think twice about starting a company or buying a house because we’ve made it too hard on them.  I am tired of facing the problems that our government has caused.

When our legislature starts considering bills that increase taxes or fees, or considers a bill on worker’s comp, unemployment compensation, or lawsuit reform, it is necessary that we have a state representative that understands how it affects real people who are struggling to make a living.

I want to live in a state that is a leader in job expansion, has the best schools, and is a place where young people want to stay and create families.

I’m passionate about Florida, and specifically Bay County.

Joining my campaign, I hope you won’t see this as just helping Jay Trumbull but as an investment in better government and in a better future for our state and county.


Jay Trumbull