Greg Abrams

Barbara and Lee Balkcom

Marie and Harold Bazzel

Kim and Larry Carroll

Gerry Clemons

Tyrene and Don Crisp

Jann and Bill Daughdrill

Jennie and Mike Duncan

Laura and Griff Griffitts

Jerrilyn and Philip Griffitts

Susan and William Harrison

JoAnn and Harvey Hollingsworth

Nancy and Russell Jinks

Neda and Rick Koehnemann

Ruthie and Billy Lark

Shani and Ben Lee

Patria and Jimmy Maulden

Katrina and Glen McDonald

Amy and Jay Moody

Nicole and Bo Rivard

Stephanie and George Roberts

Christine and Dr. Merle Stringer

Deidre and Joe Tannehill, Jr.

Joe Tannehill, Sr.

Donna and Waylon Thompson

Misty and Dr. Jon Ward

Ashley and Chris Young

Gigi and Nevin Zimmerman