My number one goal is to improve Bay County and Northwest Florida’s economy.  My plan to do that is simple and rooted in the same free market principles that have already made America the greatest nation on earth.  

Let’s keep more money in the hands of our small businessmen and women, reduce the red tape that becomes an obstacle to success, and continue to improve the quality and accessibility of our education system.  If we do those three things alone and then get government out of the way, jobs will be created.

Here’s some of the things that I’d like to accomplish as your next State Representative:

Keep more money in the economy.

•    Reduce taxes and fees.
•    Cut wasteful government spending.
•    Consolidate agency functions.
•    Institute zero-based budgeting.
•    Work with Congressional leaders to overturn Obamacare.

Reduce red tape.

•    Perform an annual review of all agency regulations and sunset those that have outlived their usefulness or relevance.
•    Host an annual small business summit to obtain more ideas about how to streamline government permitting.


Continue to improve schools.

•    Create more opportunities for the best teachers to participate in virtual instruction.
•    Reorient high schools to focus on job force preparation in conjunction with the needs of local businesses.
•    Improve education choices for parents across the board


Create Magnets and Marketing Opportunities.

•    Obtain capital funding to assist with improving our seaport.
•    Create locally-led economic delegations to assist with marketing Bay County to businesses that need or want to re-locate to Florida.